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Ed Walls, MFGC Director of Instruction, PGA Professional, and Head Golf Professional at Renaissance Country Club. 


At MFGC, we offer comprehensive lesson programs and personalized golf instruction for men, women, seniors, juniors, beginners and advanced students at any ability level. Individual lessons are available, with discounts for multi-lesson packages. Instructional programs can be customized based on student needs and interests.


Triple The Training: At MFGC we have the ability to provide our students (new or experienced) with 3 methods to improve their games, which separates us from other practice ranges and lesson programs. Depending on your level of comfort, experience or just your learning preference, we have what it takes to help you improve faster, hit  longer, and score lower. 


Our 3 distinct training options include: 


1) Combine our new indoor simulation technology with video and ball flight analysis and learn how to hit the ball more consistently and further with less effort. If you are new to the game, we can teach you the fundamentals of the swing as well as the etiquette of the game without ever leaving the comfort of the indoors. Learn how to play the game without the crowds or pressure of an unintended audience.


2) Take the next step to playing your best golf by taking a lesson (various packages available) outside on the practice range with or without video analysis. If you have worked indoors on our simulator, this is a great chance for you to see the actual flight of the ball and learn the basic "ball flight laws" to help you analyze your swing and make the appropriate corrections.


3) Finally, put it all together with a playing lesson with PGA Professional, Ed Walls. Available upon request.

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